Posted on 10-Nov-2019

Shiralee Swan Photography

Evening Equine photoshoot in Ramsden.

Emma has own Jake for 8 years she got him a few days before his 4th birthday. Jake had come over from Ireland and had been in the U.K. for a few weeks before Emma bought him.

Emma says ‘He is such a star. I got him after my mare passed away so it’s like she sent me a good one!’

We do a bit of everything hunting, dressage, x country, showing etc. all at a local level we do qualify for bigger shows just never go to them.

Being a Connemara he is quite bold in everything he does he adapts to most surroundings.

A fair few years back he had Equine Metabolic Syndrome ( What is EMS) in the winter his such a good doer but being native he just stores his sugars which he doesn’t need so his on a strict diet and has never had a relapse.

Jake was Dengie healthy hooves molasses free advert for two years. He gets regularly weighed by Dengie to keep an eye on the weight now it does seem to be all under control. Read Jake and Emma’s story on the Dengie website Jake loses 99kg

He has a young loaner who couldn’t canter when she first started.

In just over a year, she has come a long way and now competes at a local level with him he looks after her well.

Best of all he loves a fuss.

During Jakes photoshoot, I photographed in my favourite dark shadow style as well as natural light.
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